There's a lot coming up...

May 12 – We will be starting a new Women’s Only class on Sundays at 2pm, free to all women. This is open to members and non-members alike and open to all gyms. This is an adult class… but we might make some exceptions an let some of our teenage girls come as well on a case by case basis.

May 27 – Cage Titans is at Memorial Hall in Plymouth. We have a BUNCH of fighters on the card already… so be sure to get tickets from them.

May 29 – We will be closed for memorial day… there will be no classes. It will be a normal schedule Saturday May 27th and Sunday May 28th.

Starting June 5th – We will be doing the kids BJJ classes for the rest of the month as No-Gi… so shorts and a t-shirt (or a rashguard). We will still have the kids wear their belts for testing and stripe week.

June 11 – We will be hosting our next Kids In-House No-Gi grappling tournament. You MUST pre-register for it here.

June 17 – There is a NAGA on June 17th, but we are not sending coaches to that one. We will be doing a tournament in July instead.

July 1st to 8th – We will be on July Break, so there will be no kids classes of any kind during these days.

July 15 – We are sending coaches to the Grappling Industries Tournament. You can register for that tournament here. When you put down the team name, please do “Lauzon Savery Comp Team” as it helps us make sure we have coaches at matches and keep track of everybody.

Early Bird Registration 1 or 2 Divisions – (Register before July 1 at 11:59pm) $80
Late Registration 1 or 2 Divisions – (Register before July 11 at 11:59pm) $105
July 10 – Kids BJJ Summer Camp starts July 10th. You can find more information about our summer camp here.

This yearly schedule is always posted before the new year on the Schedule page. We also include it in just about every gym update we send out. Please use it to reference whats going on for dates we are closed in the upcoming year so nothing comes as a surprise. There was some confusion about the kids break last week, so we wanted to remind everyone about the yearly calendar.

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