Martial Arts Camp for Kids 7 to 12 years old

Camp will be taught and run by Coach Matt Perry. Matt has been the head instructor for our kids program for 10 years. 

  • Has been training martial arts for over 18 years
  • Has been a Middle School science teacher for 10 years
  • Working in Brockton Public Schools for 20 years
  • Holds a Masters in Secondary Education

Kids have spent too much time at home, away from activities and friends. They need a MUCH better summer this year after the way the last couple years have gone.

Each Day will run something like this…

830am: Early drop-off
9am: Welcome mat chat and code of the week
915am: Martial Arts Lesson
10am: P.E./Gym style Games
1030am: Snack/Social free time (We will not provide snacks)
11am: Special activity for the day
12pm: Normal pickup time
1230pm: Late pickup time

Martial Arts Lessons will be run in a similar way as our regular classes and will primarily be Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu but may also include: Kickboxing, Judo, Wrestling. 

We will also be adding in other special activities that we feel are important for developing kids.

Special Activities will include: Yoga, Art, Health/Nutrition Advice,  and talks about making Smart Choices (regards to food, friends, life choices, etc), Science Activities, etc…

We will post weekly lesson plans in the Lauzon MMA Kids Facebook Group.

We are allowing people to register on a week by week basis. This allows you to get your child in for the weeks you want, while not paying for weeks you may be on vacation or have other things going. 

Camp Costs $260 per week (Monday through Thursday) and all campers will receive a camp shirt at the end of each week.

Early Commitment Pricing (before March 1st) is $200/week.

Pre-Registration Pricing (March 1st to April 1st) is $230/week.

(Full) Week 1: July 10 to 13
(Full) Week 2: July 17 to 20
(Full) Week 3: July 24 to 27
(Full) Week 4: July 31 to August 3
(Full) Week 5: August 7 to 10
(Full) Week 6: August 14 to 17
(Enrolling)  Week 7: August 21 to 24

Frequently Asked Questions

This camp is open to all kids 7 to 12 years old. You do NOT need to be a member at Lauzon MMA, although we hope you will become one after camp if over if you aren’t already.
Camp runs 9am to 12pm, but you can drop off as early as 830am and pickup as late as 1230pm.
No, we will not be offering snacks. We were going to, but decided against it with all the food/allergy issues. Please no nuts or anything with peanut butter.

We ask that all kids bring their own water bottle and that it have their name on it.

If someone occasionally forgets their water bottle, we will have some on hand for them.

We will be keeping Student to Kid Ratio under 4:1. We have 6 staff members to start with, but we will have more if needed to maintain ratios.

In order to plan and best serve our campers, we are staffing by the week and enrolling kids by the week. If you cannot make a certain day that is fine, but the price does not change.

Nope. We are charging $260 per week, but you can pick which weeks you would like to do. You could do them all or just one. Whatever works best for your family.

Yes. There is a multi-week discount where number of weeks are added between siblings.

We are running camp as No-Gi. We will provide a camp T-Shirt that they should wear each day. If your son/daughter does multiple weeks of camp, they will be given one shirt for every 2 weeks of camp that they do.
Masks are not required, but kids can wear them if they would like.
If your child is having ANY signs of illness outside allergies,  please keep them home.
At the beginning of each week, we will provide a lesson plan for whats going on the upcoming week.
Nope. If they have boxing gloves, we will let them know what days to bring them, but we will supply anything they need each day.
If your son or daughter has any food allergies or any medical conditions, please let us know when we call. Please send any inhalers or Epi-Pens as well, with labels.

if you have any other questions, please email [email protected]

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