What is hand fighting?

You can do this in every position!

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CHallenge Yourself

Get out of your comfort zone. Learn to defend yourself, get in shape and make friends... all at once. What are you waiting for?

Focus on Smaller MOvements

People get all caught up in the bigger motions and transitions, but sometimes the smaller motions are the most important. 


Carry Over

There is a LOT of carry over with hand fighting. For most transitions and sweeps, people are relying heavily upon their hands. 

Don’t let things go smooth for them. 

Two on one

When we are hand fighting, use your two hands against their one hand to stack the odds in your favor. 

Joe Lauzon

Co-Founder and Head Instructor, Lauzon Mixed Martial Arts

Joe Lauzon is a 26-time UFC Veteran and has the record for the most all-time Post-Fight bonus awards in the UFC (6x Submission of the Night, 6x Fight of the Night, 1x Knockout of the Night and 2x Performance of the Night). He was involved in the 2012 Fight of the Year with Jim Miller.

Joe Lauzon
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