We moved during a pandemic...

Everything with the Pandemic got pretty crazy in March of 2020… but we started to get our feet under us in July after some major shifts in how we ran our martial arts academy. As soon as we thought we were getting things under control however, we were told we had to be out of our space in Easton in less than 4 months. 

We scrambled and ended up with a beautiful gym in Raynham… but I wanted to show people where our current space started and where we have taken it. The whole thing was not for the faint of heart… 

This is what we had to begin with...

Most things finished out exactly as I planned them, but some things were reconfigured for various reasons. I think it’s awesome to go back and look at what we started with though. 

And this is where we stand now

It will forever be a work in progress because we are always trying to make things better… but we have come a long way already! 

Looking to join the gym and sign up? or Have Friends that have been asking?

Joe Lauzon

Co-Founder and Head Instructor, Lauzon Mixed Martial Arts

Joe Lauzon is a 26-time UFC Veteran and has the record for the most all-time Post-Fight bonus awards in the UFC (6x Submission of the Night, 6x Fight of the Night, 1x Knockout of the Night and 2x Performance of the Night). He was involved in the 2012 Fight of the Year with Jim Miller.

Joe Lauzon
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