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Kids Changes we have been talking about

In an effort to create more opportunities for our kids programs, and bridge the existing gap in their experience levels, we have decided to create a better path to developing skills!
This new progression will offer a much better system than our old way of structuring classes. Some of our current students will be on a slightly different routine, but we will not be taking anything away and will be grandfathering anyone into classes they had already been taking. We cannot stress this enough and if people have any questions, definitely reach out to us and we will address any questions or problems.
Intro Program = 2 BJJ Classes per Week
Elite Program = Intro Program + 2 Kickboxing Classes per Week
Masters Program = Elite Program + 1 MMA Class per Week
As you know, we will be transitioning all of the existing No-Gi classes into a BJJ program in the gi. The Tuesday/Thursday classes will still be run by Coach Matt and the only real change will be the uniform and a better structure with the addition of a curriculum to make sure no one misses anything in their martial arts journey.
We will also be adding an MMA class with Coach Pat. This won’t be students duking it out getting ready for a cage fight but will be more of a weekly bully proof class designed around using their grappling and MMA skills together. Students will benefit from a much deeper understanding of how their training can be utilized with this program.
We are really proud to be able to offer this new structure for our students, as we know that separating them not only by age, but also by skill level, will allow our beginners to learn in a better environment and our more Advanced students an opportunity to take their training to the next level!
Coach Matt will be nominating students who are currently ready for the Elite Program in class. This is a very special honor. Students who are nominated for this awesome new program will get to don our special Blue Elite Gi for all of their BJJ classes! This Gi will signify their dedication and hard work to their training!
Our Kickboxing instructors will be nominating students who are ready for the Masters program. These are our most well rounded students and will be allowed to wear the Black Masters Gi for all of their BJJ classes. This Gi will signify their ability to put their skills together. They will wear their Lauzon MMA Rashguard for Kickboxing classes. 
Our MMA class is going to be a fun new addition in their Martial Arts Journey and will help them become more well rounded Martial Artists. Our kids will learn how to properly deal with punches, kicks, and defend themselves in a real life situation. The Kids are going to love it! They will wear their Lauzon MMA Rashguard for MMA class. 
We are aware that this is a transitional period for many, so anyone who is buying a gi in the month of April will receive a 50% discount. We are also offering a 20% discount to purchase the required striking gear from Lauzon MMA (boxing gloves, shin guards and mouthpieces).
We have already adjusted most of the class times but the actual classes will change March 30th, provided the new Gi’s are here in time. We will let people know as it gets closer.
We thank you for your support as we continue to improve our classes and programs for your children. We are dedicated to having the BEST Kids Martial Arts Program. Should you have any questions, please contact Joe Lauzon directly at [email protected]
Always getting better,
Joe Lauzon

if you ever have any questions, you can call us at 508-219-0418 or email [email protected]

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