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Mid January 2020 Newsletter

Send me your children, and I will return them as warriors. 
The world got a glimpse of Erin Johnson this weekend. We have been so lucky to have such a special person that always takes the road that will get her where she wants to be. She has been with us since she was 11 and in that time she’s competed countless times in NAGA, she’s done a Kickboxing smoker fight, she wrestled 2 years in High School and now she has competed in the cage. Some people set easily reached goals, but Erin has taken the road less traveled. We are of course happy with the outcome but most proud of the work she put in. 

On top of being a badass in the cage, Erin works for the gym and helps us run most of our kids classes!

We've got a whole bunch of guys fighting this weekend too!

Friday Jan 24th
Twin River, Rhode Island

Greg Rebello
Andres “Cooley” Rodriguez
Richie Santiago

Cage Titans
Saturday Jan 25th
Plymouh, MA

Pat Gilbride
Connor Mathews
Andrew Jacobs
Tateki Matsuda
Fabio Cherant
“Mighty” Mitch Raposo
Brandon Flemming

Randy Costa has his next UFC fight lined up! He will be fighting Martin Day on March 28th in Columbus, OH. If you are interested in tickets or t-shirts, you should hit up Randy directly.
We have a few schedule tweaks going on next month that we have already talked with people about, but we'll have more info on that in the coming weeks as it gets closer!
We are starting up a new group of Tiny Ninjas for February 4th. We are currently doing evaluations to see if kids are a good fit, so if you know of anyone interested in getting their kid involved, please have them call us before we fill the group.

NAGA is the world’s biggest grappling tournament and they have an event coming up, Saturday February 15th. All of the event info is here

Before you register, call the gym or ask at the front desk as we have some coupon codes to save some money when you register. When you do register, register as “Lauzon Savery Comp Team“. Naga uses a service called smooth comp so we know where and when every single person is going and what divisions they are in, so we can make sure we are there to coach people.

I and a few others will be there for the adults and I know Matt Perry and Pat Gilbride will be there for the kids. 

The latest instructor we have added to the gym is Connor Mathews. Connor is one of our fighters that is fighting this weekend at Cage Titans, and he brings a wealth of martial arts and real life experience to the table. 

if you ever have any questions, you can call us at 508-219-0418 or email [email protected]

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