Hope everyone is doing well! 

We are really happy with how things have been going at the new location. We are still ironing out some wrinkles and dealing with all the extra Covid stuff, but we appreciate everyone working with us and helping us keep things going. Please let us know if you see anything that needs our attention. 

Tomorrow there is a big storm coming in… we will email everyone tomorrow by 2pm about afternoon classes. The forecast has been up and down, so who knows what will happen. We definitely don’t want people out on the roads in unsafe conditions though. If I had to decide on things right now, I would say we will cancel… but lets see what tomorrow brings. I will email you by 2pm. 

Upcoming Kids BJJ and Tiny Ninjas Cycle

UFC Fight Night (Saturday Feb 6th)

Mike Rodriguez is fighting in the UFC this Saturday Night. 

Mike will be fighting on ESPN+. I would guess he will be fighting around 630pm EST, but anything could change. Definitely keep an eye on the Lauzon MMA facebook and instagram all week for information on the fight and fight week updates

Lauzon MMA Masks for Sale at the front desk

We gave away the first couple thousand, but now we have to start selling them. We got a new gym to pay for! The regular style masks are $5 and the gator style masks are $15. The gator ones are GREAT for training because they might fall down but they never fall off. We have them at the front desk, just ask. 

Regular Masks
Gator Style Mask

Looking to join the gym and sign up? or Have Friends that have been asking?

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