Full Send University

is now enrolling!

Lauzon MMA is the Home of Full Send Universities first physical location. You, too, can to #SENDIT if you enroll today! No experience required... you just need to be ready to make some good choices to go along with all of your bad ones.

We sent it in 2018

And we are going to keep sending it in 2019 and beyond.

Join the Team

Now accepting applications.

How is he going to kick him from the ground?

We really don't know... but if there is way, Randy will find it.

Some of the companies that Support Full Send University

Meet the President: Randy Costa

4-0 with 4 First Round Knockouts. Headed to the UFC.

Meet the Dean: Joe Lauzon

26x UFC Veteran
6x Submission of the Night Winner
6x Fight of the Night Winner
1x Knockout of the Night Winner
2012 Fight of the Year, twice.

"I'm just here to drink out of shoes and watch headkicks.. and I'm all out of dry shoes."
Reilly Powell
“I've got 10 times as many friends since joining Lauzon MMA and Full Send University!"
Rick Nobbins
Technically telling the truth.
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