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February Update

We have been telling every parent who will listen but the schedule changes are coming this week for the kids classes.  We have added some classes and split things up a little further. We want all of our kids to have the best possible experience… so when classes start getting more packed, we add instructors and then eventually split the class into smaller classes. It’s happening again! We are adding a second Tiny Ninjas group on Tuesday/Thursday starting this week too! We have not made the No-Gi to Gi change yet or the BJJ to MMA change yet… those will likely come next month. 

A few weeks ago, Nicole asked me about running a Yoga class before the 10am Grappling classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We didn't know if it would catch on but we have had good numbers pretty consistently so we have added it to the official schedule. It's free for all members and doesn't count as one of your classes... just come and work on some real Yoga before Involuntary Yoga (Grappling). The drop-fee is $20 for non-members.
We still have a few openings in our new Tiny Ninjas group that starts this week. This group runs Tuesday and Thursday from 5 to 530pm for 3 to 5 year olds. You can click this link, fill out info and we will setup an evaluation to see if your son/daughter is a good fit for the program.

Randy Costa is fighting March 28th in Columbus, Ohio for the UFC. He is going Harambe style for his fight week shirt, and if you want one, you better contact him on either facebook or instagram, because there won’t be many of these left floating around. 

Pat Gilbride won at Cage Titans on Saturday about a minute into the first round!
Connor Mathews did some work on Saturday as well!
Andrew Jacobs did't win but he got a whole lot more out of this 3rd round submission loss than his last fight that he won by knockout in about 8 seconds!

Go to PlanItEats.com, make an account, pick food and then choose Lauzon MMA as a pickup location!

Erin crushed it at Combat Zone a week and a half ago when she made her amateur debut. You have likely seen it, but its worth watching again. 

if you ever have any questions, you can call us at 508-219-0418 or email [email protected]

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