Available now, while spots last. Call 508-219-0418.

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Our Instructors Stand Out

  • All of our instructors have PROFESSIONAL fight experience. 
  • Our Instructors have more experience than anyone in New England at the highest levels of Mixed Martial Arts.
  • The best fighters from all over new-england travel to train with Joe Lauzon and his fighters. 
  • Fighters make up a small portion of our members but are a great asset to all of our nurses, teachers, law enforcement, firefighters, lawyers, chefs, moms and dads that make up the majority of our members. 

Our Students Stand Out

Our facilities are clean and offer world class protection.

Available now, while spots last. Call 508-219-0418.

Joe Lauzon

Co-Founder and Head Instructor, Lauzon Mixed Martial Arts

Joe Lauzon is a 27-time UFC Veteran and has the record for the most all-time Post-Fight bonus awards in the UFC (6x Submission of the Night, 6x Fight of the Night, 1x Knockout of the Night and 2x Performance of the Night). He was involved in the 2012 Fight of the Year with Jim Miller.

Joe Lauzon
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