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Schedule Changes 2020

Wanted to wish everyone happy holidays and keep you informed on some changes that are going to be coming for the new year (Technically December 30th). 

We are actually going to be be rolling out two phases of schedule changes. I wanted to better control how information was released to avoid confusion but some information has gotten out before it was supposed to. So I am going to try my best with our current situation. 

Phase 1 – Starting December 30th

So in the last year, my son Joey has started training and I have turned a much closer eye to what was going on with the kids program. We started up the Tiny Ninjas program and I have taken full control of that program from running it to also planning classes out months in advance. 

There really aren’t any big changes for Phase 1 to the kids program, except that the Monday kids kickboxing class is going to be split into two age groups similar to the Saturday kids kickboxing class. 


We are going to stop the Women’s Classes December 30th. Closing out those classes will allow us to move some of other adult classes into some better time slots. Most of our afternoon classes are being moved ahead by 30 minutes. 

Phase 2  – POSSIBLY Starting  Feb 3, still TBD

We will be making a uniform change and using the the Gi a part of the normal Tuesday/Thursday classes. We currently have two No-Gi groups that are kind of split by age and kind of split by skill… it was a great change when we split it last time, so we want to split it once again. We will be keeping the beginner kids split by age, and then combining the more advanced kids to a third group that goes directly after. We will be looking for some kids who want to take on a leadership role in helping out some of the newer kids too… but more on that later.  

Because we are changing the uniform of the Tuesday and Thursday classes from No-Gi to Gi, we will be changing the Wednesday class to an MMA Class. More on on that outlined below. 

Why these changes?

I think its whats best for the school. 

We finished 2019 with 10 kids classes a week, and will have 17 by Feb or March of 2020. We will also be adding more instructors to some of the classes to make them run a little smoother. 

We have also set aside some time for a second Tiny Ninjas group. I don’t know that we will definitely run it right away but we are going to start filling the time slot. If you know of anyone interested in the group, let us and them know. 

I understand not everyone will be happy with every change. I think if you give it some time, you will agree that these changes were best for the gym. We have put a LOT of effort and thought into this, and this has been something we have been working on for nearly a year. I knew I was going to be fighting in October so things were put on hold for a little bit, but this will be better for the gym. 

WHat about Kids No Gi Rank?

Kids No-Gi Rank will follow them to the Gi. The Gi has a belt and thus stripes on belts, so kids will receive stripes much more often whereas it was a long time before between rashguards. Its important for kids to get little rewards for working hard, so this will be better for them to have smaller attainable goals. 

Kids will need to buy a Gi for their Gi classes, but we will be selling Gi’s at a loss for the first 30 days. We aren’t hard set on Feb 3rd yet, it might end up being the first week in March, but we will let you know as the time comes. Please do not go out and buy a gi yet, as we are requiring kids to wear our Gi’s as a uniform like any other sport. Much like when we did the rashguards, it looks way cleaner and more organized. Please sit tight on buying any kind of gi yet, even from us. 

Even though we will be wearing the Gi for the Tuesday and Thursday classes, many classes will not involve the Gi, so we will allow kids to skip the top for some of the class and focus on No-Gi techniques. Kids should always wear their gi to every class but some classes kids will be told they can lose their gi top if they would like. 

WHat is the Kids MMA class?

The Kids MMA class is going to be a more advanced class than the normal classes. Kids will be combining their Grappling and Striking Techniques with wrestling techniques. Until now, we had nothing that combined the Kickboxing or the Grappling classes, but we want the kids to put them together. We will not be running a Kids Fight Club with the kids fighting each other (although that would be awesome), but the kids will be drilling and putting their skills together. More on this to come later as we get closer to Phase 2 changes. 

We will have some Staff CHanges

Jimmy Mac will be getting a day job, so he will not be around as much. We are going to see how his schedule works out and keep him on as much as possible, but he definitely won’t be around for the 11am kickboxing classes. I will have more news for those classes soon, but they are not going anywhere. 

Greg will be finishing up as a kids instructor at the end of Phase 1. Greg has been teaching for us for such a long time and with these changes, Greg felt it was time to move on and focus on more family stuff. We are really going to miss Greg as he has been awesome and I am sure the kids will miss him too. Luckily, Matt will be taking over Greg’s classes, who is awesome too. 


Thanks and have a great holiday!
–Joe Lauzon


if you ever have any questions, you can call the gym at 508-219-0418 
or email me directly  [email protected]

if you ever have any questions, you can call us at 508-219-0418 or email [email protected]

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